#1 Factors that enhance the risk of carburettor icing are:

#2 An airmass can be described as a large block of air in which

#3 In practice the approximate value used in ISA for temperature lapse rate is:

#4 Super-saturation means

#5 Dew point is defined as:

#6 Isobars are lines drawn on a weather map joining places:

#7 The amount of water vapour that can be held in the atmosphere depends on the air’s

#8 The most common method of formation of cloud is through

#9 From the following cloud types, the one from which heavy rain would most likely be falling and reaching the ground is:

#10 The formation of advection fog requires:

#11 You are in an aircraft in the southern hemisphere with the wind blowing from the right. In this situation the altimeter will …………….. and the error will …………… when temperature is decreasing

#12 As a vigorous cold front passes there is usually:

#13 Orographic effect could be defined as a:

#14 The lifting of radiation fog may be caused by

#15 What is the cause of a katabatic wind and what are its predominant characteristics?

#16 The most severe airframe icing encountered in a mature thunderstorm usually occurs in the

#17 Identify this type of Ice

#18 What conditions and likely to result in the continued persistence of radiation fog after daybreak?

#19 Which correctly describes changes involving relative humidity and dewpoint during a cloudless sunny day:

#20 The pressure lapse rate on a given day is 1 hPa per 40 feet of altitude. The next day the same sea level pressure exists but the air is warmer. The pressure lapse rate on day 2 is

#21 Regarding pressure systems

#22 In which of the following locations is a Fohn wind most likely to be found:

#23 It is not advisable to land a light aeroplane during a thunderstorm, even though the cloud base is relatively high and rain showers are light, because of the possibility of:

#24 Identify this Cloud type

#25 Why does rising saturated air cool less rapidly than rising dry air?