#1 While climbing from and aerdrome at 100ft to FL 240, what altitude do you change your Altimeter from QNH to QNE?

#2 Before you may exercise the privileges of your PPL by day, the currency requirements that you must satisfy are:

#3 Evening Civil Twilight (ECT)

#4 Altitude is defined as the vertical distance of a level, a point, or and object considered as a point, measured

#5 An occurrence is:

#6 The duties of the pilot in command with respect to Section 13 of the Act are to:

#7 An ‘ATC’ clearance’ is:

#8 When is it a requirement for passengers in your plane to fasten their seatbelts?

#9 The VFR Meteorological Liliana in the circuit of a CTR by day for aeroplanes is:

#10 An aircraft can fly SVFR in a CTA/C:

CTR = Control Zone.  CTA = Control Area.

#11 The minimum age for the holder of a PPL is:

#12 You are approaching an airfield with an Aerodrome Beacon, what would you be looking for at night?

#13 An entry should be made in a pilot’s logbook following the completion of a flight within

#14 What units of measurement are used in NZ for measuring runway length, and direction

#15 An aircraft is flying over a city with an elevation of 500ft AMSL where the tallest building is 200ft. What is the minimum height the aircraft can fly?

#16 What is the minimum fuel reserve for aero planes and helicopters

#17 You are approaching an area labelled on your chart as G Janville 5500/4500 ATC Approval. What are the requirements with regard to the use of this airspace and what class of airspace is it?

#18 The term ‘Flight Time’ means:

#19 The difference between the manoeuvring area and the movement area on an aerodrome is that:

#20 Which of the following can an offender be prosecuted under the Act and imprisoned for:

#21 The 3 types of GAA and the time of day that they are active are:

#22 Which definition is incorrect regarding the privileges of a PPL

#23 Supplemental oxygen must be used by each crew member and passenger on board an un-pressurized aircraft:

#24 Information gathered by personnel who are not air traffic controllers that include wind, temp, QNH etc is called:

#25 What would be an appropriate VFR cruising altitude if you are flying on a magnetic heading of 275° and a magnetic track of 268°?

#26 You are the pilot of a day VFR aeroplane flying in Class G airspace on a private operation. You are cruising in level fight at 2500 ft AMSL. The elevation of the terrain immediately beneath your aircraft is 300 ft AMSL. The VFR meteorological minima that you should legally be observing are:

#27 A loaded firearm can be carried onboard an aircraft:

#28 When flying in class G airspace below the transition altitude, the altimeter shall be set to:

#29 A private pilot who has not demonstrated his competency to a flight instructor in an aircraft of the same type may not act as a pilot in command of an aircraft carrying passengers unless he has completed.

#30 Do you require ATC clearance to enter the following airspace?