#1 The beginning of Morning Civil Twilight occurs when?

#2 When are radar services available to GA aircraft?

#3 What is the minimum fuel reserve for aero planes and helicopters

#4 On which one of the following flights is the carrying of passengers prohibited?

#5 You are approaching an area labelled on your chart as G Janville 5500/4500 ATC Approval. What are the requirements with regard to the use of this airspace and what class of airspace is it?

#6 The SVFR weather minilna for an aeroplane at a CTR is:

#7 After a flight an entry must be made in a pilot’s logbook within:

#8 A private pilot who has not demonstrated his competency to a flight instructor in an aircraft of the same type may not act as a pilot in command of an aircraft carrying passengers unless he has completed.

#9 If your friend asks you to carry only boxes of goods to the market in your aircraft can you cost share the flight if you have a PPL?

#10 After an accident, the PIC or operator has ____ to give CAA the details:

#11 When operating east of the instrument sector in the Wellington CTR/C you experience a radio failure. After complying with the published radio failure instructions, you fail to see any lights from the control tower. What do you do?

#12 When flying in the circuit at Nelson, you must remain:

#13 You are flying VFR at 7,800ft AMSL above terrain that has an elevation of 7,000ft AMSL. What met minima conditions apply to you?

#14 The 3 types of GAA and the time of day that they are active are:

#15 An aerobatic rating is nominally valid for:

#16 When applied to Controlled Airspace, the term “Control Zone” denotes a

#17 The duties of the pilot in command with respect to Section 13 of the Act are to:

#18 An aircraft can enter an active Restricted Area:

#19 With the Altimeter set to QNH, the altimeter reads?

#20 SARTIME is:

#21 You are planning a flight in an un-pressurised aircraft with no on-board supplemental oxygen storage or generation system. Your EET from departure to destination is 50 mins. The magnetic track is 130 degrees magnetic. What is the highest altitude you should use for planning purposes

#22 What does the abbreviation AWIB stand for?

#23 If you are a PPL holder in NZ, are you required to hold a type rating for the aircraft you are operating?

#24 You are approaching an airfield with an Aerodrome Beacon, what would you be looking for at night?

#25 A Class 2 medical certificate is issued for:

#26 What does the abbreviation ATIS stand for?

#27 If your Class 2 medical certificate is suspended, in accordance with Section 27, what actions must you take:

#28 When is it a requirement for passengers in your plane to fasten their seatbelts?

#29 The minimum safety equipment that must be carried on a single-engine aircraft on a flight more than gliding distance but less than 30 nautical miles from shore are:

#30 When does ATS initiate Search and Rescue?