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Daily quick fire questions.

Random selection of 4 questions from across the board in all topics. Best of luck!
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#1 If a pilot in command attending to an emergency described in Section 13 of the Act, breaches the provisions of the Act or the rules made under the Act, the pilot in command or the operator is required to

#2 Supercooled water droplets do not change to ice instantly when disturbed because the freezing process is delayed by the release of:

#3 Orographic effect could be defined as a:

#4 You are flying between WANGANUI and NEW PLYMOUTH. Track is 305°M. AT 2243 UTC the aircraft position is pinpointed on track 10nm from WANGANUI. Aircraft maintains a HDG 315°M and TAS 115kt. AT 2303 UTC the aircraft position is pinpointed 45nm from WANGANUI and is on track. The WIND DIRECTION and SPEED between WANGANUI and NEW PLYMOUTH is?