Final Exam


30 questions comprised from “ALL” topics into one exam, these are randomly pulled from 100’s of questions.
You have 70 mins.

Best of luck…



#1 On which one of the following flights is the carrying of passengers prohibited?

#2 The term ‘aircraft’ means:

#3 You’ve been travelling for 50min during the day and have used 11 US Gal. You have 1 hour and 10 mins remaining to your destination. How much fuel in litres including legal reserves do you need for the remainder of your trip?

#4 When are radar services available to GA aircraft?

#5 Aircraft accidents are generally caused by:

#6 Convert 82 kilograms to pounds

#7 What does the abbreviation ATIS stand for?

#8 Chronic fatigue:

#9 Which of the following can an offender be prosecuted under the Act and imprisoned for:

#10 A pilot-in-command can refuse to board a passenger:

#11 What would be an appropriate VFR cruising altitude if you are flying on a magnetic heading of 275° and a magnetic track of 268°?

#12 The abbreviation AWIB means

#13 An airmass can be described as a large block of air in which

#14 You dip your tanks and you have 26 usable US Gallons on board. What is your total endurance with a fuel burn rate of 35 ltr/h (including legal reserve)?

#15 The 3 types of GAA and the time of day that they are active are:

#16 In the simplified model of the way in which the human brain functions:

#17 You are the pilot of a day VFR aeroplane flying in Class G airspace on a private operation. You are cruising in level fight at 2500 ft AMSL. The elevation of the terrain immediately beneath your aircraft is 300 ft AMSL. The VFR meteorological minima that you should legally be observing are:

#18 An aircraft is in class C airspace and will soon be entering class G airspace. What are the met minima that will apply in class G airspace in the following diagram?

#19 Which correctly describes changes involving relative humidity and dewpoint during a cloudless sunny day:

#20 An aircraft engine which develops less and less power from the point of takeoff to the service ceiling is said to be?

#21 Which is correct?

#22 Which choice correctly lists the characteristics of pressure systems in the southern hemisphere?

#23 An aircraft is flown along a given track allowing for port drift. If no correction is made to the altimeter subscale setting, the altimeter will progressively start to:

#24 The pressure lapse rate on a given day is 1 hPa per 40 feet of altitude. The next day the same sea level pressure exists but the air is warmer. The pressure lapse rate on day 2 is

#25 The SVFR meteorological minima by day in Class G airspace is:

Rule 91.303 Special VFR weather minima. This rule applies to VFR operations within a CTR and is relative to airspace only. Please reference note attached to the definition of controlled aerodrome in Part 1, which states that the term ‘controlled aerodrome’ does not necessarily imply that a control zone exists.

#26 The first things you should do if you are involved in an accident is:

#27 When two columns of air have the same sea-level pressure but one column is warm and the other cold, then at any given height:

#28 What is the cause of a katabatic wind and what are its predominant characteristics?

#29 An ‘ATC’ clearance’ is:

#30 If your friend asks you to carry only boxes of goods to the market in your aircraft can you cost share the flight if you have a PPL?