Aircraft Tech



#1 You are cruising at 10,000 feet in clear weather on a relatively warm but humid day. You notice the rpm gradually reducing, then the engine begins to run a little roughly. All engine indications are normal and you check that your fuel selection is satisfactory. The correct remedial action now is to?

#2 You line up for take off on runway 25. The compass settles to indicate a heading of 210°. The most likely cause is

#3 Assume that on your run-up at an airport where the elevation is 6,000 AMSL, you note a slight engine roughness that is not significantly affected by the magneto check but grows worse during the carburetor heat check. Under these circumstances, which of the following would be your most logical initial action?

#4 Flying at 3000’ compared to 10,000’ at a constant indicated airspeed you will?

#5 After start up, you carry out a live cut check, this is to?

#6 To prevent condensation forming in the fuel tanks when the aircraft is to be parked overnight (or not to be used for several days), it is good practice to..

#7 Pre Ignition is caused by?

#8 What is the most likely cause of high oil temperature?

#9 Why should aerobatics or inverted flight not be attempted unless the engine has been modified for this type of flying?

#10 If the QNH changed from 1017 to 1012 with no correction to your altimeter while maintaining indicated altitude, you

#11 You are carrying out a magneto check as part of the engine checks prior to take-off. When you switch from BOTH to LEFT and back to BOTH, there is no drop in rpm. You switch from BOTH to RIGHT and back to BOTH and note an rpm drop of 100

#12 What is adverse yaw?

#13 The co-efficient of lift is made up of which 2 components?

#14 What is the main purpose of having two magnetos?

#15 A pilot has decided to go around due to a balked approach, what is the best method to do this?

#16 The presence of carburetor ice, in an airplane equipped with a fixed pitch propeller, can be verified by applying carburetor heat and noting

#17 Blade angle is between?

#18 Describe the ideal properties for an aircraft designed to fly cross countries

#19 If the engine oil temperature and cylinder head temperature gauges have exceeded their normal operating range, you may have been

#20 An aircraft flying a standard ‘rate 1’ turn, will turn through 270° in

#21 A turbocharger is connected to?

#22 Atmospheric air density is likely to be lowest under the following conditions..

#23 If the static vent becomes blocked what instruments will not work?

#24 If you have a flat battery

#25 An aircraft is at an airfield with an elevation of 800ft, the QNH at the aerodrome is 1030hPa, what is the pressure altitude?