Aircraft Tech



#1 Lowering of the flaps

#2 Which factors increase the stall speed?

#3 What is parasite drag?

#4 Blade angle is between?

#5 With regard to the use of aviation gasoline, which statement is true?

#6 Which statement is true regarding aircraft engines that are equipped with a fuel injection system instead of a carburetor?

#7 The primary means of recovering from a stall is to?

#8 A turbocharger is connected to?

#9 Assume that on your run-up at an airport where the elevation is 6,000 AMSL, you note a slight engine roughness that is not significantly affected by the magneto check but grows worse during the carburetor heat check. Under these circumstances, which of the following would be your most logical initial action?

#10 What is adverse yaw?

#11 An aircraft is at an airfield with an elevation of 2500ft, the QNH at the aerodrome is 995hPa, what is the pressure altitude?

#12 The full flow oil filter is very useful in keeping an engine clean, but it will not filter out..

#13 If the static vent becomes blocked what instruments will not work?

#14 If full carburetor heat is used during cruise for the prevention of carburetor ice, some of the power loss incurred may be regained by?

#15 The presence of carburetor ice, in an airplane equipped with a fixed pitch propeller, can be verified by applying carburetor heat and noting

#16 You are on final to land with Carb Heat on, before landing you should?

#17 What happens if your oil temperature increases above the red line and you do not shut down?

#18 Pre Ignition is caused by?

#19 What instruments use the static vent(s)?

#20 With the Altimeter set to QNH, the altimeter reads?

#21 You are cruising at 10,000 feet in clear weather on a relatively warm but humid day. You notice the rpm gradually reducing, then the engine begins to run a little roughly. All engine indications are normal and you check that your fuel selection is satisfactory. The correct remedial action now is to?

#22 After start up, you carry out a live cut check, this is to?

#23 An aircraft is at an airfield with an elevation of 500ft, the QNH at the aerodrome is 1000hPa, what is the pressure altitude?

#24 The best rate of climb is defined as?

#25 While maintaining straight and level flight, if you were to increase airspeed you would have to?